Power of Attorney in Spanish: It’s Important!


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Power of Attorney in Spanish

As the number of people learning Spanish increases, so does the need for individuals to understand the importance of making the power of attorney in Spanish. An agent who exercises a power of attorney in Spanish is given the authority to make medical decisions and to handle business affairs on behalf of a person or people. It’s also sometimes necessary for an estate or trust to designate an agent in Spanish to ensure that beneficiaries receive their inherited wealth. Although it is not mandatory that everyone take the time to learn the complexities of this form of legal document, it is certainly wise to do so to avoid any unforeseen consequences. There are several tips you can follow to help you become more comfortable making this type of selection in Spanish.

Power of Attorney in Spanish
Power of Attorney in Spanish

First, you should understand the difference between a power of attorney in Spanish and how it relates to general law. In general law, there are a principal and an agent. A power of attorney in Spanish is merely an agent that signifies one person. Therefore, the power of attorney form should be viewed as merely another form of legal document and not the same as a power of attorney itself. Therefore, it should be kept simple and explained clearly.

Second, when you are drafting your power of attorney in Spanish, you should select names and terms that are easy for you to remember. If possible, choose a name and term that reflect the personality and characteristics of your friend or loved one. If the individual’s name is easy to remember, he or she may become easily offended should something go wrong during a discussion with the principal. Additionally, if you select a name and term that is meaningful to the individual, he or she will appreciate the fact that you consider him or her as a friend or relative for more than as just a legal document. This will go a long way in making your friend feel closer to you and less inclined to use the power of attorney in a way that is unwise.

Power of Attorney form in Spanish

Third, keep the language simple. Your Power of Attorney in Spanish should be written in understandable English. If you do not have the necessary experience in the language, it would be advisable to hire a translator or take other measures to ensure that your document is understandable. The simpler your power of attorney is written in Spanish, the more readily it will be used by the principal. If your power of attorney in Spanish is written in simple terms, the principal will likely be able to understand it and not be too confused when using the document.

Fourth, always include the line “I agree with the foregoing statement.” An agent must be able to understand the provisions of the document. It is important that all of the necessary information to be included. If there are any negative statements in the power of attorney, such as an expiration date, then it should be stricken from the document and replaced with a simple “not applicable.” This allows the principal to avoid any confusion as to the exact steps that must be taken should the situation call for such action.

Fifth, be sure to make sure that your power of attorney in Spanish does not expire while your principal is alive. You do not want the power of attorney to lapse while the principal is still alive because then the principal is unable to use it. The only way to have a power of attorney in Spanish last forever is to make it occur when the principal is alive. In this way, the principal can still use it and make sure that it does not expire until the time of his death.

Power of Attorney forms in Spanish

Finally, be sure to include a document signing that shows the Power of Attorney in Spanish. Your power of attorney in Spanish should include your full name, your correct and complete address (including city, state, and county if different), and your phone number. If you prefer, you can also include a fax number where the principal can receive documents and/or telephone calls in the event of an emergency. Keep a copy of your power of attorney in Spanish for yourself and your own files.

As long as your power of attorney in Spanish is recorded in the proper place and is signed by you and your principal, it will be effective as long as you live. Be sure to keep it current and up-to-date at regular intervals. This will help you be able to use it in the event of an emergency and make sure that your family has the legal authority to make medical decisions in the event of your incapacitation or death.

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