How can I Check My Ticket by using Lott website?

How can I Check My Ticket by using Lott website?

How can I Check My Ticket by using Lott website?

Hello friends, in this article we will learn about “how can I check my ticket by using the Lott website”. If you have purchased your entry in the store, follow our steps below to check your ticket using the Lott website. If you purchased your entry online, log in to your account to check if you have won a prize.

1.Go to the Check My Tickets page on the Lot website

Once you’ve reached, click the ‘Results’ option in the primary navigation at the top of the page. Select the ‘Check My Ticket’ option from the drop down menu.

2.Enter Your ticket number

Your ticket number is a 24-digit number that appears just above your physical ticket

Enter all 24 numbers at the top of your ticket in the input box – we’ll add spaces for you when you type so keep entering numbers on the ticket without any spaces.

It is important to note that ticket numbers entered on incorrect numbers may result in incorrect results.

After putting the number and then click on CHECK TICKET button. Near the check ticket button you will see the camera option. It is the new feature of Lott website. By using the Camera you can scan the barcode at the end of ticket to check the result of your.

3.Tap the Check My Ticket button to check your ticket results

Once you tap the check my ticket button, your ticket results will appear on the screen.

If your ticket is a winner

Congratulations! Based on the prize you won, we’ve added specific tips for what to do next on screen .See the article for more helpful help claiming prizes’

If your ticket is still pending

Don’t forget that if you have a seat or multi-week ticket for life, you may still have a draw that doesn’t result in your ticket remaining, so keep it in hand!

If Your ticket is still open

During some of our major lottery events, it may be common for players to draw lots immediately before the draw! Let’s check the tickets! For more information on the back of our lottery process, click here’


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