Amazon First Reads!

Amazon First Reads!

Amazon has today revealed the latest promotion – Amazon First Reads! In January, Amazon will be offering two free books from the Kindle library! Amazon First Reads will run for two weeks only.

During that time, eligible books will be delivered to your Kindle device daily (or daily, depending on the date you select) delivery service.

After you’ve signed up, Amazon will deliver the books straight to your Kindle device, making for an extremely simple “one more thing” type of shopping experience. During the run-up to the launch, Amazon will be focusing on offering special deals and promotions to members who sign up for the Amazon First Reads service.

Amazon First Reads will run from January 31st to February 14th this year. During these two weeks, eligible books will be delivered to your Kindle for free by the Amazon First Reads program courtesy of the

Amazon First Reads program!”

Prime members will get the option of grabbing either select print copies of selected books or the free eBook versions.

So if you’re wondering what Amazon is all about, the idea is that you will receive a free eBook every month from Amazon when you choose one of their books to be delivered to your Kindle.

You’ll then be able to keep on choosing books from the eBook library on your Kindle as well as any other titles offered through the Amazon Kindle Store. The books are delivered instantly to your Kindle, so you can start reading immediately!

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