Find Out What You Can Expect From a Belmont University Music Business Degree


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Belmont University Music Business Degree

The Belmont University Music Business Degree is a two-year program that allows students to specialize in one or more of the following areas. First, the program offers degrees in General Manager and Assistant General Manager. Students must obtain an “A” average on their first-year coursework in order to be considered for these positions. Second, the business focus areas of Music Education and Policy. Students learn about general business management while also specializing in music education and policy. Students complete a final project in which they present their findings in hopes of being awarded a degree in this area.

Belmont University Music Business Degree
Belmont University Of Music

A lot of the same coursework is also required of students in the Master’s Degree program. Courses include Accounting, Business Management, Arts and Humanities, Economics, Finance and Strategy, History, Literature and Musicianship. Students are required to take coursework in communication, law, marketing, psychology, sociology, technology, and business leadership. These courses are designed to prepare students for careers after graduation.

There are also some specializations available for students with the Belmont University Master’s degree in Music Business. Students can select from Special Education, Arts and Humanities, Health Sciences, Music History, Organizational Analysis, and Teaching Music History. Students may also choose a concentration area, such as the Study of Music Therapy. Students must complete their required courses in a specific sequence in order to graduate with their specific concentrations.

A Belmont University Master’s degree does not only encompass coursework. Students have the option to participate in a number of on-campus and online opportunities that give them hands-on experience with the music industry. Students are encouraged to use their Master’s degree as a springboard to launch their career into the music industry. Many students begin working in the industry right out of their Master’s degree program. Others look to deepen their knowledge and skills by enrolling in a professional training program, internship, apprenticeship, or post-graduate residency.

Students who earn a four-year bachelor’s degree in music generally pursue a career as a music educator, freelance musician/writer, music manager, or recording studio owner. People who earn their master’s degrees often go on to teach music or work in the music publishing world. Belmont University offers programs that prepare students to enter these lucrative professions.

Music business degree students learn many aspects of music, including the history and structure of songs, how to compose a good song, and much more. Graduates will also learn key principles of management, marketing, entrepreneurship, law, and business. Students will have the opportunity to work with top industry professionals in the recording industry. They may even get the opportunity to create a record that is performed at some of the top music events.

Students in the Master’s degree program also have the opportunity to pursue a career as an instructor in music or recording studio. There are many possibilities for students who earn their master’s degrees in music. The types of courses offered include business courses and leadership courses. Students who graduate with a Master’s degree in music may be able to take career counseling or find job opportunities with their specialized degree.

Students in the Master’s degree program also have the opportunity to pursue a career as a concert violin professor. If you have your sights set on teaching music as a profession, you can become a violin instructor at Belmont University. Your master’s degree can help you focus your career and give you the skills needed to teach other students and play in a professional environment. Graduates of the Belmont University Music Business program will be well-prepared for careers as music teachers, music recording engineers, or concert violinists.

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