How to Use Purple Electricity


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Purple Electricity

Purple Energy, is it a tangible energy or a more subtle form of energy. It is said to be an advanced form of bio-energy from a mysterious purple light source that has the ability to create healing and balance in the human body. According to many practitioners, the human being is so connected to all energies of nature that this light has the power to heal the body, mind and spirit.

Purple Electricity
Purple Electricity

The concept of “purple” has a very deep meaning for many people. It is a color that is derived from the beautiful colors of nature. It is a favorite color by many artists, musicians and writers. Purple martini glasses can be seen at many of the upscale restaurants around town. Is it the future of energy? Is it the way of the future?

It may just be what we were meant to be. The spiritual and physical aspect of human beings needs a delicate balance of harmony in order to maintain balance and harmony within the self. This is why many ancient societies sought out herbs and plants that could help them to heal both mind and body. It is no different today and the healing properties of nature are found in many healing modalities such as massage therapy and Acupuncture.

It is also said that purple energy is part of the life force energy known as qi (pronounced chee) that flows throughout the universe. It travels through all living things on the planet and works on each one, just as they require. Purple is the color of life, as well as the color of energy. This is why when a person is under the effects of “purple” they often feel a strong need to connect with others and to share.

Since all things have their own unique energy field, we are all exposed to energy waves of various frequencies. The life force energy that is the root of all life, is called “pink” and is a very strong and vibrant color. “Blue” is the color of the element air, while” Violet” is the color associated with water.

There is also a third color that is known as “violet” and this represents the opposite of “pink”. This color is the most difficult to attain and is also the most powerful. As opposed to “pink”, “violet” is actually known as “blood” and its energy is one of great purity. Achieving this color can be extremely challenging but those who do can experience great health improvements.

How Does Purple Electricity Work? Purple color is thought to be related to the sun’s energy fields. Since the sun emits high levels of UV radiation, it is believed that this is where the purple energy is derived. We tend to have more of this when we are in a cool moist setting or surrounded by dark hues such as black, navy blue, grey and deep shades of green. Although there are not many scientific explanations, most people feel that this energy is necessary for optimal health and that the use of meditation and relaxation techniques can greatly benefit from this type of healing.

How can we utilize Purple Energy for healing? The best way is through utilizing it as a means of centering your physical body and using it to heal others. By directing this energy at a person’s aura, you can often bring about dramatic changes in the speed of recovery. In the metaphysical world, this energy is used for meditation and spiritual practices to help bring balance into the mind, body and spirit.

Why is Purple Electricity a popular healing technique? There have been many recorded cases where patients have experienced great relief after just being treated with this form of energy. There is a belief that by focusing this powerful healing power on one part of the body, it can repair any cellular damage and heal the entire system. Although this is not an official medical diagnosis, many practitioners feel that the properties found within the aura surrounding a patient provide the evidence that this is indeed the case. Because this form of energy is known to be healing in one aspect, it is known to work very effectively as an alternative form of medicine.

Is it safe to use Purple Energy? It is probably one of the safest forms of energy to use because it is one of the few energies that have not been linked to any negative side effects. There is also not a great amount of scientific data to suggest that this energy does not have any adverse affects. However, if you decide to use this for personal uses, it is always best to speak to your doctor or health care provider before doing so.

Is it easy to learn how to use purple? There are several methods available to learn this powerful healing technique and there is even an eBook available that can teach you how to use this in the comfort of your own home. As well as this eBook, there are other resources that are available online that give more detailed information on how to use the purple energy safely. Even though it may not be widely known among regular doctors, many individuals are now taking advantage of the unique benefits that come with the knowledge of using purple.

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